Don Juan

Dedication Byron dedicates the poem to the Poet Laureate, Robert Southey; satirizes Southey and the other Lake Poets for their politics, pretensions and verse; and insults the Foreign Secretary, Castlereagh.
Canto the First Don Juan is born to Don Jose and Donna Inez; his education. Don Alfonso discovers his wife, Julia, and 16-year old Juan; Don Juan is sent traveling to escape the scandal.
Canto the Second Don Juan sets sail from Cadiz and is shipwrecked. He washes ashore on a Greek pirate island where he meets Haidée, the pirate's daughter.
Canto the Third Lambro, Haidée's father, returns after being rumoured dead to find Don Juan in possession of his home and daughter.
Canto the Fourth Lambro captures Don Juan and sends him off to slavery in Turkey. Haidée dies.
Canto the Fifth The Sultan's latest wife, Gulbeyaz, sees Juan on the slave block and anonymously purchases him. Her servant, Baba, conducts Juan to her palace disguised as a girl. Juan spurns Gulbeyaz' advances which are interrupted by the arrival of the Sultan.
Preface to Cantos 6 - 8  
Canto the Sixth Juan, still disguised, is led back to the seraglio with the rest of the female slaves. His disguise is not discovered, but several of the harem vie for the opportunity to share their beds, and Dudù prevails. Gulbeyaz is informed and summons Juan and Dudù in a rage.
Canto the Seventh The action jumps to preparation for the Russian attack on the Turkish fortress of Ismail. Juan, disguised as an English mercenary, and his companions are brought to the Russian general, Suwarrow.
Canto the Eighth Ismail is attacked and taken. Juan saves a young orphaned girl, Leila.
Canto the Ninth Juan comes to St Petersburgh with news of the victory, and attracts the attentions of Catherine the Great.
Canto the Tenth Catherine sends Don Juan ambassador to England. Leila accompanies him.
Canto the Eleventh Juan arrives in England.
Canto the Twelfth Leila's education is entrusted to Mrs. Pinchbeck.
Canto the Thirteenth Lord Henry and Lady Adeline Amundeville invite Juan to their country seat.
Canto the Fourteenth Juan rides to the hounds, and begins to spend time with Lady Adeline.
Canto the Fifteenth Lady Adeline tries to arrange a match for Juan, but does not approve when Aurora Raby catches his eye.
Canto the Sixteenth Lord Henry holds court, and Juan meets a ghost.
Canto the Seventeenth