City Council Standards of Conduct


Every elected city office is one of trust and service to the citizens of Killeen. The Mayor and Council members are expected to govern this city in a manner associated with preservation of the values and integrity of representative local government and principles of democracy. To further these objectives, certain principles shall govern the conduct of the Mayor and Council Members in his or her relations with the citizens, the city manager, and fellow elected officials.

Principle One: Honor

Be dedicated to the highest ideals of honor and integrity in all public and personal relationships in order to merit the respect and confidence of the citizens of Killeen.

Principle Two: Equality

Be mindful at all times that the chief function of local government is to serve the best interests of all of the people without prejudice.

Principle Three: Obedience

Be diligent to obey state law, city charter, and local ordinances that mandate or restrain the acts of local officials, such as nepotism and conflict of interest laws.

Principle Four: Influence

Be conscientious in relations with the city manager and his or her staff so as not to improperly influence city officials or policies, or to thwart execution of any city ordinance, rules or regulations.

Principle Five: Benefit

Be careful not to use the elected position or the information to which the official becomes privy for personal gain, profit, or benefit; and further, neither seek, nor accept any gift or benefit that might influence an official decision or duty.

Principle Six: Confidentiality

Be faithful to safeguard confidential information, including all discussions in closed meetings, realizing that in sensitive matters, mutual trust is essential to assure the free flow of ideas from city staff to elected officials and, among those officials themselves.

Principle Seven: Representation

Be sensitive to the appearance or impression that an elected official can personally intervene and provide special influence on an official decision or act of the city. Accordingly, do not personally represent any person, group or entity before any city board, commission, committee or council when there is the potential for personal gain in that matter.

The Mayor and Council members hereby covenant to hold themselves mutually accountable to this standard of conduct by all means available to them, always remembering that it is the People who hold the ultimate right, power, and means to hold accountable their elected officials for conduct while in office.