Killeen City Council Meeting

April 12, 2011


Bob Blair

So this is how sausage is made.

I saw nothing today that suggests that the council members should not be recalled. It was an unimpressive performance by all concerned. It was obvious that most of the council members were not familiar with the issues that were before them.

Here are the raw notes. Text in square brackets ([...]) are my comments. Non-bracketed text reflects my observations of what actually was said and done. I don't claim to have captured or understood everything.

Five members present.  JoAnn Purser and Kenny Wells are
"out of town" according to the Mayor.  [Of course, JoAnn's husband was just
released from the hospital; I think they may even be en route from Houston
this evening.]

  Texas Dept. of Agriculture presentation for some program they have to
  recognize good places to retire.    Apparantly the city's application was
  a lot of work, but didn't cost the city much; according to the presenter,
  it was largely a volunteer effort.  The benefit to the city wasn't made

  Dick Young and his wife accepted for the Exchange Club a city declaration of
  Child Abuse Prevention month.

  Ralph Cossey of the "Celebrate Killeen" committee accepted proclamation of
  April 30 for the 3-day "Celebrate Killeen" festival. He stressed that
  it is a volunteer committee with the help of the city park and rec
  department. [There's a KDH article about the festival at ]

  Marlene Gilman accepted proclamation of Arbor Day. On Friday, April 29 they
  will dedicate some new crepe myrtles in Condor Park.

  Brother Whitten accepted proclamation of the National Day of Prayer.
  Apparantly this has been observed by the Killeen mayor since 1997.

  A city employee accepted a proclamation observing Fair Housing Month.
  April 21: Fair Housing open house in Temple.

  Elapsed time: 20 minutes


  Rezone 7.6 acres from Garden Home to duplexes. [This is property in which
  Gary Purser has an interest]. (Killeen Sunflower Inc.) Planning and zoning
  approves of the request.  Wilkerson questioned the finding that density
  would not increase and asked how the flow of water and parking would be
  affected.  City staff explained the density finding and said they are
  working with Sunflower on drainage.  Michelle Lee of the engineering
  company spoke in support.  David Borad(?)
  who lives in the area spoke in support.
  None spoke in opposition. Juan Rivera moved, Ernest Wilkerson seconded.
  Billy Workman and Larry Cole voted against. It passed.

  RSBP Developers 5.84 rezoning. This involves a parcel on Bunny Trail;
  the request is to zone it General Residential with the purpose of
  erecting duplexes. It requires a change in the Comprehensive Plan.
  [This is property in which Gary Purser has an interest.]
  Currently suburban, want general residential.
  Planning and Zoning commission approved.  Juan Rivera and
  Ernest Wilkerson had questions and seemed dubious.  Michelle Lee
  again spoke in favor; said the
  new fire station and near-by race track made it undesireable for suburban.
  None spoke in opposition.  Larry Cole argued against changing the
  comprehensive plan, which we spent a lot of money developing;
  said there was no need for more duplexes there; not in the interest
  of the city to change the comprehensive plan without a marketing plan.
  Cole moved disapprove, seconded by Workman. Council voted 5-0 to disapprove.

  Richard Laury requested change comprehensive plan from rural to business
  for some land along 195 south of the Youngsport highway for a
  counselling center
  with "some equine activity". Zoning commission recommends approval.
  Wilkerson asked if it couldn't be a conditinal use request instead of change
  in the plan; staff said maybe. Rivera asked whether the motion would require
  change in comprehehsive plan; staff said yes. Bob Mitchell spoke in favor.
  A group of councillors from the center spoke in favor; they want to move
  offices from 1010 Jasper, where they are over-crowded, to the plot.
  Staff changed their position and now recommend no zoning change, but rather
  a conditional use permit. Cole made some comments that weren't very coherent;
  he seems to think that 195 should be commercial all the way down. Billy
  Workman favors the zoning and plan changes; he moved approval, Cole seconded.
  Council voted 5-0 to approve. [The reasoning was completely inconsistent
  with the resoning applied in denying the previous motion.]

  Dick Young requestred rezoning for Liquor sales at 1323 E. Rancier.
  [This is the builidng where Keep On Booking bookstore was until
  recently.  Once, a long time ago, there was a Minimax Grocery in
  the big building next door, where there's a cheap furniture store
  now.] Planning and
  Zoning approved.  Fred Latham spoke in favor. Dick Young spoke in favor; he
  owns the property; he stressed that it would pay taxes, and that citizens
  voted for liquor. This is in Rivera's ward, so he talked a lot, but
  did not say much. No one spoke in opposition.  Billy Workman moved approval;
  Cole seconded. All but Cosper voted in favor.  Wilkerson said it could
  use some paint. [Workman is wrong: it's a grubby-looking building,
  but the paint is fine.]
  [The agenda was totally misleading on this item.  It said nothing about
  liquor sales.]

  Revise comprehensive plan from general commercial to suburban residential
  for the house at 4905 E. Veterans Memorial.  (Is this the old
  Robinette house?]  This
  is "housekeeping" according to the staff, revising the plan according to
  a previous zoning.  Cole moved to disapprove, Workman seconded. Failed 3-2.
  Staff pointed out that the council had approved the zoning change
  just last month, and it was inconsistant to now refuse to change the
  Comprehensive Plan. Wilkerson moved approval, Rivera seconded. Approved 3-2.

  Appoint presiding and alternate judges for precinct 204. Apparantly Major
  Blair will be out of town and can't serve. Replacements approved.

  Cosper moved approval of appointing substitute city manager to various
  committees.  Riviera seconded. Approved 5-0.

  Charles Boggs requested more help getting trash out of his yard and loud
  music stopped.  Said he got no results from earlier complaint to the
  board. Mayor told the City Manager to get someone out there.