City Council Workshop

17:00 on July 5, 2011

Utilities Collection Conference Room, 210 Ave. C

All members except Cosper were presentt.


  1. The fire at the sanitation transfer station on June 27 caused more that $600,000 damage. Insurance will probably cover all but the $10,000 deductible.
  2. The proposed Rudy's Barbeque will require a zoning change to sell beer. They are building on land zoned as industrial.
  3. To conform with state law, the city must renew the youth curfew ordinance.

Note: items below that have nothing in the "discussion" column were not discussed.

Agenda Item Description Discussion My Notes
Items for Discussion at Workshop
DS-1 Discuss City Council Agenda Items and Land Use Cases    
DS-2 Discuss Committee Reports    
DS-3 Discuss an Ordinance Amending Chapter 32 of the City of Killeen’s Code of Ordinances Adopting Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations Council had no questions. I still want that slide deck.
DS-4 Briefing/Update-Fire at the Transfer Station and Solid Waste Operations June 27 5:05 A.M. there was a fire at the transfer station south of town. KFD arrived at 5:18. It was under control by 10:21. There was about 57 tons of trash in the building. All of that was deposited on Sunday. Cause was not determined. May have been charcoal briquets or chemical reaction. Freese and Nichols structural engineer inspected for structural integrity and found no damage to the steel infrastructure. Concrete panels had some cracking that should be fixed (estimate being solicited now). Electrical inspection showed all the wiring and conduit needs replaced due to heat; Electrical room was not damaged, though. For the rest of the week, until Friday, trash was taken to Temple or Copperas Cove. Transfer stations was re-opened to the public today.

Summary of damages: facilities require cleaning; it must be dry cleaning to avoid runoff: estimate is $112,000. Roof damage: $150K to 200K damage. Rollup doors and motors: $103,000. Electrical components: more that $17K. Plumbing unknown. Window replacement unknown. Push wall plates repair unknown. Floor damage: unknown. Equipment damage (3 loaders) $12K. Total estimated repair will be $600K to $700K, all of which should be covered by insurance after $10K deductible. Operations will be impaired for the next few weeks.

Cole: how do we handle cost of taking trash to Cove and Temple? Staff: no fee increase will be required. Wells: were we able to handle all the garbage? Staff: yes by increasing the number of trucks on the road? Wells: have you kept records to make sure it's not more efficient to maintain the transfer station than to haul to Temple? Staff: yes, we redo that kind of study frequently. Lower: will there be any delays? Staff: no, there weren't and there won't be.

Wells's question on the investment in the transfer question reminds me again of the relative lack of openess in the city's rent vs. buy decisions. I think it's time that the council asked for a review of the city's general approach. It would be really nice if the council were prepared to ask some specific questions, as well; but that would be surprising.
Committee Reports. This section provides standing committees an opportunity to provide reports on work relating to the mission and charge of the respective committee.
Employee Insurance Committee meeting held June 30, 2011 at 8:30 a.m.
CR-1 Update/Briefing - Employee Health Insurance Regulations and Updates Rivera reported. They haven't selected a vendor yet. Mayor: please schedule the council's briefing for a non-council-meeting night so we're not rushed.  
CR-2 Update/Briefing – Bids Received for Bid No. 11-24 for Employee Health Insurance    
Water/Sewer/Drainage Committee meeting held July 5, 2011 at 12:00 p.m.
CR-3 Update/Briefing-The Fog Program Process and Procedures for Handling a Case Cole reported. FOG is the oil and grease ordinance. Inspection of grease traps, etc. There has been increased compliance. Four restaurants are still out of compliance.  
CR-4 Update/Briefing- Bid No. 11-29 for Bending Trail Major Drainage CIP Project (Drainage Master Plan Projects #13 and #14) Cole reported, but I couldn't hear him.  
CR-5 Update/Briefing- Water/Wastewater Bond Projects    
CR-6 Update/Briefing-Drainage Bond Projects    
Items for Regular City Council Meeting of July 12, 2011
Presentations –
PR-1 Presentation - Governors Community Achievement Award and Check to Keep Killeen Beautiful    
Consent Agenda –
CA-1 Consider minutes of Regular City Council Meeting of June 28, 2011.    
CA-2 Consider a memorandum/resolution approving an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) from the Transportation Security Administration.    
Public Hearings / Ordinances –
PH-1 HOLD a public hearing to provide citizens the opportunity to comment, and city council to discuss and take action on the proposed Interlocal Agreement and application of the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Grant (JAG) for FY 2011-2012.    
PH-2 HOLD a public hearing and consider an ordinance as requested by Moondance, Inc (Case #Z11-31) to rezone Lot 1, Block 1, MH Killeen Retail Development Addition, from M-1 (Manufacturing District) to RC-1 (Restaurant and Alcohol Sales District). The property is located on the north right-of-way of E. Central Texas Expressway and is locally known as 5621 E. Central Texas Expressway, Killeen, Texas. This is Rudy's. They want to sell beer. Staff recommendation is to approve for the footprint of the building and the patio. Only comment was Cole pointing out it is in Killeen, not Harker Heights. It's intersting that the owners are so sure they will get a zoning change that they've already built out most of the site.
PH-3 HOLD a public hearing and consider an ordinance readopting the youth curfew. We've had a youth curfew since 1999. It has to be readopted ever three years. Police department recommends retaining curfiew 11:00 P.M.-6:00 A.M during the week, midnight to 6:00 A.M on weekends and during the summer. Workman wanted a presentation. Lower: this is to continue the current ordinance? Staff: yes. Clark: are students who get off late and go home aftermidnight exempt? Staff: yes. There were plenty of opportunities here for the council to ask deeper questions, but they failed to do so. For example, neither the city attorney nor the police department gave any statistics on the number of youths arrested during curfew hours; the percentage of those which were curfew violations; the long term effect of the curfiew....

This item, like several others on today's agenda, seemed to take all council members by surprise. It was added late to the agenda.

Ordinances / Resolutions -
OR-1 Consider a memorandum/resolution appointing a member to the Killeen Volunteer’s Inc. Board.    
OR-2 Consider an ordinance authorizing the issuance and sale of City of Killeen, Texas, General Obligation Refunding Bonds, Series 2011.    
OR-3 Consider an ordinance authorizing the issuance and sale of City of Killeen, Texas, Waterworks and Sewer System Revenue Refunding Bonds, Series 2011.    
OR-4 Consider an ordinance amending Chapter 32 of the City of Killeen’s Code of Ordinances adopting erosion and sediment control regulations. Needs to be passed by August. There were no questions for staff.  
OR-5 Consider an ordinance amending Chapter 6, Article 11, Animal Control, of the City of Killeen’s Code of Ordinances, regarding rabies vaccination and the sell of animals from private homes. Lower: how does this work? Cole: it's between the pet owner and the vet. Owner must follow vet's schedule. County law recently changed to allow Killeen to do this. Rivera said something I couldn't hear. This was another opportunity for deeper questions that were not forthcoming. For example, "what is the projected effect of this change on the number of rabies cases locally?" Again, the council seemed unprepared to discuss this item.