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City Council Workshop

14:00 on August 9, 2011

Utility Collections-Large Conference Room

Note: I was not able to attend this early meeting. In general, meetings that start irregularly in mid-afternoon are not going to be well-attended.

Page down for notes of the regular city council meeting.

Agenda Item Description Discussion My Notes
DS-1 Discuss City Council Agenda Items and Land Use Cases    
DS-2 Discuss Committee Reports    
DS-3 Discuss Animal Advisory Committee’s Role with City Wide Shelter Operations    
DS-4 Discuss- FY 2011-12 Proposed Annual Budget and Plan of Municipal Services    
DS-5 Discuss/Update on Redistricting and Map Options    
DS-6 Litigation Update Regarding Election Recall    
Committee Reports
This section provides standing committees an opportunity to provide reports on work relating to the mission and charge of the respective committee.
Children’s Museum Ad Hoc Committee, meeting held August 2, 2011 at 4:00 p.m.
CR-1 Update/Briefing-Mission Statement    
CR-2 Update/Briefing-Concept of a Children’s Museum in Killeen    
Special Events Complex Committee Meeting held August 3, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.
CR-3 Update/Briefing- Project Status, of Fundraising Efforts and In-Kind Donations for the    
November 5, 2009 Fort Hood Memorial
CR-4 Update/Briefing- Guidelines for Filming for City of Killeen Certification as a Film Friendly Community    
CR-5 Update/Briefing-Revenues and Recommendation for Raising Rates for FY 2011-12 for the Killeen Civic and Conference Center    
Transportation Committee Meeting held August 9, 2011 at 10:00 a.m.
CR-6 Update/Briefing- Awarding a Construction Contract to Austin Anderson Columbia Inc., for the Pass Through Financing (PTF) SH 195/SH201 Interchange Project    
CR-7 Update/Briefing- Interlocal Agreement with the City of Harker Heights for the StagecoachRoad Reconstruction Project    
CR-8 Update/Briefing- Awarding a Construction Contract to Gary W. Purser Construction Ltd, for the Stagecoach Road Reconstruction Project    

City Council Meeting

18:00 on August 9, 2011

Council Chambers, City Hall (Old Ave. D School)


  1. The effective property tax rate will stay the same as last year. (This doesn't mean your property taxes will stay the same: only that the city rate applied to your valuation will.)
  2. Your gas bill will go up slightly due to a deal negotiated with Atmos to allow them to pass on some costs of maintaining their outside plant.
  3. There's one more budget hearing: next council meeting, August 23. If you care, be there.
Agenda Item Description Discussion My Notes
PR-1 Presentation – Mayor’s Commendation Award to Greg Ebert  
PR-2 Presentation - 2011 Higgins & Langley Memorial Award in Swiftwater Rescue to Killeen Fire Department Firefighters Arthur, Todd, and Moffit received the award from the mayor and the fire chief. They developed a swift-water rescue team. Rivera also presented a certificate.  
Consent Agenda
CA-1 Consider minutes of Regular City Council Meeting of July 26, 2011. 1,3,4,5,7,8,11 approved by acclimation  
CA-2 Consider a memorandum/resolution awarding Bid No. 11-33 Bundrant to Pump Station No. 3 16” Transmission Main Project.   This is a $1M contract.
CA-3 Consider a memorandum/resolution authorizing purchase of bunker gear for fire fighters.    
CA-4 Consider a memorandum/resolution approving supplemental agreement No. 2 to the professional services contract to provide for design of the terminal building expansion with Jacobs Engineering, Inc. at the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport.    
CA-5 Consider a memorandum/resolution approving Bid No. 11-28- Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport automobile rental concessions selection and lease agreements.    
CA-6 Consider a memorandum/resolution awarding RFQ 11-35- Food and Beverage services for the Stonetree Golf Club. One vendor proposal was received: Billy-Bob's Burgers. The bid is for $1500 per month. Approved without oppoistion, Wells abstaining.  
CA-7 Consider a memorandum/resolution authorizing the award of construction contract Bid No. 11-29 for Bending Trail/Acorn Creek major drainage Capital Improvement Projects-Phase I to Barsh Company. (Drainage masterplan projects No. 13 and 14.)    
CA-8 Consider a memorandum/resolution approving an interlocal cooperation contract with the Texas Department of Public Safety for supplies for the Breath Testing and Laboratory Alcohol and Drug Testing Program.    
CA-9 Consider a memorandum/resolution authorizing an Negotiated Order of Withdrawal (NOW) account with Comerica Bank of Texas. This pays 0.35% interest. Approved unanimously. As bad as that is, it's 6 times what the city earns on the money now.
CA-10 Consider a memorandum/resolution confirming the appointment of the Executive Director of Public Works. Richard Mackey, formerly county engineer and assistant director of public works. He's been filling in since Butler retired earlier this year. Approved without objection.  
CA-11 Consider a memorandum/resolution authorizing the appointment of an independent auditor for the fiscal year ended September 30, 2011.    
Public Hearings / Ordinances    
PH-1 HOLD a public hearing on the FY 2011-12 proposed Annual Budget and Plan of Municipal Services. Two people spoke.  
PH-2 HOLD a public hearing and consider an ordinance amending the FY 2010-11 Annual Budget and Plan of Municipal Services of the City of Killeen in the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport Enterprise Fund by increasing revenues supporting receipt of a Transportation Security Administration Other Transaction Agreement and increasing various expenditure accounts to authorize expenditure of funds for the projects associated with the said agreement. $4.4 million in cost and revenues. This is a grant from the transportation security admistration. This is mainly adminstrative, to move the grant into the current budget. What will this be spent on?
PH-3 HOLD a public hearing and consider an ordinance as requested by KGC Properties, LLC (Case #Z11-32) to rezone approximately 12.619 acres, being Lot 1, Block 1, Bell Industrial Subdivision, from M-1 (Manufacturing District) to B-C-1 (General Business and Alcohol Sales District) for on premises sale and consumption of alcohol. The property is locally known as 452 N. Roy Reynolds Drive, Killeen, Texas. Cosper stepped down. This is Bingoland. Responses were received from 3 surrounding property owners. Jimmy Don Acock was one of the complainants. Cole: lighting in the parking lot -- can we get it increased? Staff: there have been no discussions about lighting or security. Wells: Are the other bingo calls BC-1? Staff: I don't know. Speaking in favor of, one of the Cosper boys: we have armed security every night. None spoke against. Approved 5-1, Cole against.  
PH-4 HOLD a public hearing and consider an ordinance as requested by Ronald H. Esposito (Case #Z10-34) to rezone Lot 1, Block 1, Esposito Addition West from R-3 (Multifamily Residential District) to B-3 (Local Business District). The property is located at the northeast intersection of King’s Court and Florence Road and is locally known as 101 King’s Court, Killeen, Texas. Esposito is fine with B-2 or B-3. Recommendation is for B-2. There was one protest. None spoke for or against. Approved 7-0.  
Ordinances / Resolutions
OR-1 Consider a memorandum/resolution setting a preliminary tax rate for the FY 2011-12 Annual Budget and Plan of Municipal Services and setting the dates to hold public hearings on the proposed tax increase (if a proposed tax increase is approved). Tax rate remains the same, as proposed in the 2011-12 budget  
OR-2 Consider an ordinance amending Chapter 2, Article VI, Section 2-150 (a)(1) Airport Fees, revising rental car rates and fees at Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport. Approved 7-0  
OR-3 Consider an ordinance approving a negotiated settlement with Atmos Mid-Tex Division regarding the annual rate review mechanism and adopting tariffs with rate adjustments. This is a negotiated value by several cities. Approved 5-2 with Workman and Clark opposed. There was no debate before the vote. This is exactly the kind of issue that should have been thoroughly discussed in workshop, but which was pretty much ignored until there was no time to look into any issues.