Mary Fuller's In the time of Sir John Eliot—Three Studies in English History of the Seventeenth Century

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This is not well-written history. Prof. Fuller is by turns coy and naïve. You should not trust her judgement on any particular.

On the other hand, the first two studies are well-researched, using materials that had been under-utilized by earlier scholars. Ms Fuller liked pirates, and when she writes about them, she is entertaining.

I thought the chief benefit of this book would be in the third study, on John Eliot's Negotium Posterorum. In fact, the study is just an extended book report, and one that probably would not have been graded high. At the time the study was written, the Negotium had still not been widely circulated so there was probably some value in what Fuller wrote. Today, you can read the book yourself (it is indexed on my Web Resources page), and if you want more than the cursory introduction provided here, that is what you should do.

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