If you are reading this online version of Samuel Reynolds's 1894 edition of John Selden's Table-talk, you probably do not need an introduction to Selden or 17th-century England, or at least no more than Reynolds himself provides.

My purpose in creating this web version of the Table-talk is to make the text itself more accessible to 21st century readers. To that end,

  1. I used the 1894 Clarendon Press edition as the basis. It is well-edited, annotated, and is the most recent scholarly edition in the public domain.
  2. I retained, for the most part, the organization and layout of Reynolds's edition, including pagination.
  3. I 'hid' Reynolds's footnotes behind the annotated text, which appears in red. To view a note, move the cursor over the red text.
  4. I added 173 notes (marked [grb]). They are mainly short and fall into 4 categories:

I consider this production a work of editing rather than scholarship. If you see errors of transcription, translation, grammar, spelling or fact, please let me know: bblair48@yahoo.com

Bob Blair
Killeen, TX
October 31, 2013.